Spring Clean Your Finances Loan!!!

While we can’t help with the weather or the Beast from the East! We can certainly help you spring clean your finances and dust away the cobwebs on your Credit Card Statement!

The credit card bills have made landfall and you have overspent!!!


The difficulty is that at the rates charged by your credit card company (18%-22%) it seems that you will never be able to clear your outstanding balance:

Take the example of an outstanding credit card balance of €1,000 which is being charged at an 18% interest rate. By making a minimum payment amount of €25 per month on this balance, it will take a massive nine years and eight months to get back to zero and cost over €900 in interest.” – Consumer Association of Ireland

We have listed below the current interest rates being charged on credit cards*.






We can help to improve your financial well-being by clearing your outstanding Credit Card using our special 12 Month loan rate of 5.99% (typical APR) or our standard personal loan rate of 8.99% (typical APR) for up to 5 years.


€3,000 Loan over 1 Year –  5.99%   – 27 fortnightly repaymenst of €118.91 – total cost of Credit €93.29 

10000 over 5 Years  – 8.99% – 128 fortnightly repayments of €96.03 – total cost of credit €2,287.30

So make a sensible financial decision that will improve your financial well being and call our office today to sort out your credit card or simply down load our loan application form. The examples above detail examples, but we are very happy to discuss with you your own specific needs.

* Competition & Consumer Protection Commission 13/3/2018